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Weather data provided by

i@Sky Weather Information Centre

Your personal weather forecast from the Internet

  • The meteorological service i@sky will be closed down on February 29th 2016. Therefore, from March 1st 2016 no more meteorological data for i@sky weather stations will be provided.
    Select locations anywhere in the world and choose the weather data you want to see
  • Within Germany, locations are postcode-specific (3,500 regions)
  • 10,000 European towns and cities
  • Over 1,000 cities worldwide, incl. capital cities
    Display mode
  • Four-quadrant day view
  • Four-day forecast or
  • Toggle mode for both views
    Weather data
  • Temperature (min./max., average values)
  • Wind velocity
  • Humidity
  • Rainfall probability
  • Current outside temperature without outdoor sensor
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