Start-up and installation

Starting up the WIC 100 display for the first time

Starting up the USB adapter

Installing the PC program

The i@Sky PC program is used to transmit weather data from the Internet to the USB adapter, and is installed by following the steps below:
  • Open the Internet browser on the PC where the i@Sky program is to be installed.
  • Your operating manual will contain the Internet address you need to enter.
  • Download the i@Sky program from that address and store it in a temporary folder.
  • Start the program you have downloaded and follow the installation instructions.

Performing configuration on the i@Sky portal

The i@Sky Internet portal is where you can make the settings that are required for transmitting your personal weather data (such as the location). Start the portal as follows:
  • Once the PC program has been successfully installed, the i@Sky icon will appear on your Windows task bar (system tray). Double-click the icon to open the i@Sky portal in your browser.
  • Follow the configuration steps on the i@Sky portal.
    Please note: Once configuration is complete, it may take a few minutes for the data to be transmitted to the display.

Configuration via the portal

Selecting the location

Selecting the locationHere you can select from where in the world you want to receive weather forecast data.
  • You can enter a place name or a postcode into the search box. The portal will then search for available entries. If multiple entries with the same name are available, a selection window will appear containing the locations that have been found, from which you can select a location.
  • If your search for a place name or a postcode is unsuccessful, you can use the advanced search to filter the available locations until you have found the location you require.

Selecting weather data

Here you can select the combination of weather data to be displayed on your weather station.
  • Combination
    Select one of the following weather data combinations:
    Maximum and minimum temperature Maximum and minimum temperature
    Temperature and probability of rain Temperature and probability of rain
    Temperature and wind velocity Temperature and wind velocity
    Temperature and relative humidity Temperature and relative humidity
  • Combination and temperatures
    Morning: maximum temperature
    Afternoon: maximum temperature
    Evening: minimum temperature
    Night: minimum temperature
  • Local outside temperature
    The portal calculates and automatically transmits the current local outside temperature for your selected location. This value is displayed at the centre of your weather station.

Selecting the display mode

Here you can select if the weather data to be displayed on your weather station will be for the day in question, the next few days, or whether data for these two options will be displayed alternately.
Four-quadrant day viewFour-quadrant day view
The current day is displayed in four time segments (Night, Morning, Afternoon, Evening).
Forecast data is always shown for each segment. For example, if the current time is 15:30, the "Morning" quadrant of the four-quadrant day view will show the weather forecast for the morning of the next day.
Four-day viewFour-day view
Four weather forecast days are always displayed, i.e. the current day and the three following days (Today, Tomorrow +1, Tomorrow +2, Tomorrow +3).
change from four-quadrant day view to four-day viewContinuous toggling between four-quadrant day view and four-day view
During the set time interval, the four-quadrant day view and the four-day view are toggled continuously.
change from four-quadrant day view to four-day viewOne-off change from four-quadrant day view to four-day view
The four-quadrant day view is displayed up to an adjustable time (default setting: 11:00); the display will then switch to the four-day view for the rest of the day.
  • How days are divided on the four-quadrant day view
    Central European Time:
    Morning: 07:00 - 13:00
    Afternoon: 13:00 - 19:00
    Evening: 19:00 - 01:00
    Night: 01:00 - 07:00

    Central European Summer Time:
    Morning: 08:00 - 14:00
    Afternoon: 14:00 - 20:00
    Evening: 20:00 - 02:00
    Night: 02:00 - 08:00
  • Current quadrant with four-quadrant day view
    If the four-quadrant day view is activated, the quadrant that applies to the current time of day flashes.
    Example: At 09:40, "Morning" flashes on the display, whilst "Afternoon" flashes at 16:00.

Selecting the language

Here you can select the language in which texts are to be displayed on the portal.

Displaying help

HelpHere you can view a range of information relating to start-up, remedies and configuration.

Saving settings and transmitting them to the weather display

Saving settings and transmittingOnce you have made changes to settings on the portal, a red icon ("OK") appears on the screen. Only after clicking this icon the changes will be saved and transmitted to the station.


The display is not showing anything

The display is not showing any weather data or is showing incomplete weather data

Display behaviour

Resetting the display to the initial state

Remove the batteries from the display and wait for approximately 2 minutes before reinserting them. All the data and settings are now deleted from the display's memory.

Please note that this deletes all weather data from the display's memory. In order for weather data to be shown, it must be retransmitted to the display.